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Abiyi’s soldiers clashed with most loved OLF militia

Also, the report added that 6 Urals of government soldiers have entered the town this morning.

Qelem district head, Tamene Hailu, on the other hand says that there was no clash between Ethiopian Defense Force and OLF troops. “There were demonstrations recently which demanded that OLD should not disarm and they were carried out peacefully. Other than that, there was no clash-what so ever. It is a facebook rumor,” BBC Amharic quoted him as saying.

Asked as to why Ethiopian Defense Force is deployed to the region, he answered “Ethiopian Defense Force has been deployed to the region for some time now. Nothing is new. Gidami district is close to South Sudan border; that is why Ethiopian Defense Force is deployed.”

However, Tamene admitted that there have been road closures this morning in some towns in the zone following demonstration called to oppose government position that OLF has to disarm and elders working to resolve the issue.

On the other hand, BBC Amharic cited Medical Director of Dembi Dollo hospital, Kibret Waqgari, who confirmed that three policemen were in hospital for wounds from grenade attack.

Ethiopian government media outlets have not reported about it at this writing.

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