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Ethiopia’s PM hopes reforms will attract investors on Europe tour

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed kicked off the second leg of his European tour in Berlin Tuesday, with an investors’ forum aimed at boosting private investments to Africa. Abiy,

who has recently put in place ambitious reforms, is seeking investment for Africa’s fastest-growing economy.

Abiy’s trip to Germany comes after a visit to France, where he was praised by President Emmanuel Macron for his “unprecedented” reforms.

In six months, Abiy has secured a peace deal with Eritrea, revamped Ethiopia’s security apparatus, released political prisoners and recently appointed a 50 percent female cabinet.

It’s this reform-minded approach that has got investors in Berlin talking.

“The new prime minister is seen as a reforming person, trying to do something for Ethiopia and open it up a little bit,” explains Robert Kappel, a professor at Leipzig University.

Abiy is one of 12 African heads of state to attend the Berlin summit for Compact with Africa project, an investors’ conference, that included Egyptian leader Abdel-Fatteh el-Sissi and Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

“German investors have seen Ethiopia as a hub, also because China is investing there, and Germany will also do something quite similar to get German investors to invest more in Ethiopia,” Kappel told RFI.

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