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How to Automatically Record Calls on Android and Never Run out of Space

Learn how to record a phone call on Android and iOS including the best … Many professionals need to keep records of business-related discussions as well.

1.Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple, Material Design-themed app. It allows you to connect your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to easily back up your recordings, and it presents you with several options for recording.

True to its name, Automatic Call Recorder will grab all calls without your intervention. It allows you to add notes about the call so you can easily remember what a recording contains, and even lets you ignore certain contacts if you don’t want to record those calls. A $7 Pro upgrade removes the ads and gives some additional recording options.

Download: Automatic Call Recorder (Free)

2.Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder sounds promising, but it offers a barebones feature set similar to Call Recorder. You won’t find any options to change the recording file type, and you must export to cloud services manually. The app is also loaded with ads, from “recommended” junk to full-screen ads when you open a recording

Download: Super Call Recorder (Free)

3.Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic only gives you the option to enable or disable recording of incoming and outgoing calls. You can add a white list of contacts to avoid recording them, but that’s all the app offers in terms of settings.

Download: Call Recorder Automatic (Free)
Your experience with recording quality may vary due to your particular phone, network connection, or the other party’s volume. Give the loudness and recording source options a try if you aren’t happy with how your test recordings sound.

Do you record your Android phone calls? If we missed your favorite recording app, let us know about it by leaving a comment!

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