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The First 5G Specification Has Been Approved

The first real 5G specification has officially been completed

What is 5G?

In the simplest possible definition, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking.


It’s the next step in mobile technology, what the phones and tablets of the future will use for data, and it should make our current LTE networks as slow and irrelevant as 3G data seems now.

It’s been in development for awhile, but the 3GPP — the organization that governs cellular standards — has officially signed off on the first specification for 5G (specifically, the 5G NR standard) at a meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, according to a report from Fierce Wireless.

Having a formal agreed upon standard of what 5G networks will actually look like is a huge step forward for getting real, commercial 5G networks up and running, as it gives companies a hard specification for what they need to be building.

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